Thursday, January 14, 2010

Senior moment and a naughty card!

Well, that's my excuse! Over at MSE someone asked about instructions for tea bag cards. Well, seeing as I'd gone through a tea bag folding phase a few years ago I sprung to action posting links to sites with tutorials for making tea bag medallions and also for printing off tea bag tiles. It wasn't until another forum member posted that the penny dropped. Not tea bag folding but a card to hold a tea bag!

Is tea bag folding still popular? I've no idea, haven't seen any for ages. So off I went to my photo file to find a picture of a card with an example of tea bag folding, I did quite a few so surely I had a picture somewhere. No - can't find one, that's strange. So for anyone who has never heard of it and is wondering what I'm on about, these are tea bag cards, as in tea bag medallion. They're not cards that I made, they're from the gallery on Ruby's site.

These particular examples aren't from the CDs I bought but there are loads more that can be seen in Ruby's card gallery here (Ruby produces the CDs).

Right, stop wittering Susan and get to the next bit.

So, as I was searching through all my cards I came across this one:

A bit plain but this was done a few years ago before background papers became so popular. It's a freebie decoupage that I downloaded. When I used to sell cards (when we had the restaurant there were always some on show and I'd sell quite a few) this one was particularly popular for young, and not so young, ladies to give to their female friends. I think it's a hoot!

Enough of the old stuff, the new camera's arrived, Paul's had a play and is getting on OK with it. I'll try taking a photo of my latest creation tomorrow but I'll make sure I use the wrist strap from now on, we really can't be doing with another expensive accident!

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Thriftyscotslass said...

Ha ha :-) I've got a friend who would love your cake card. Hugs Annexxx