Friday, January 22, 2010

Nellie's Multiframe Dies

Ooooooh....... jumps up and down with excitement........... I did it!

I've spent the last two days playing with my birthday present from daughter Deborah, two sets of Nellie Snellen Multiframe Dies. I was a bit stumped to start with and needed to ask lots of questions, I was terrified of breaking my Cuttlebug and even managed to turn my B plate into something resembling a banana, but I got there in the end.

Of course, my dies didn't have the foam all over them that is shown on Nellie's site so that started off the confusion. There was foam in the little decorative cut out bits so I needed to find out if those needed to be removed - the answer is No! So after trying to use them all joined together (OK, probably would never use them like this but I'm a very curious person so I needed to try it), I eventually conceded defeat and cut the layers apart with my craft knife. That made all the difference, and after working out the sandwich I'm glad to say I eventually succeeded in getting the dies to cut through pearlescent card.

This is some of what I've done today. I still have to play around and try making some of the larger rectangular frames. I can also see whether my circle Nesties can be combined in any way, hopefully they're the right size to layer up with the Nellies.

So while I was having some "me" time I finished off grandson Jack's card which has been half finished for a week, I was waiting for the little label that's part of the Nellie's rectangular frame set. My scans always show things lighter than they are in real life and this one shows a little wobble with the ribbon - oh well, pobody's nerfect!!!!!!! All the papers were printed from the free CD rom that came with the current copy of Creativity magazine.

Now I've got this one out of the way I can concentrate on a special card for Deborah's 40th, it's a good job I've got a month to do it as I think it will take a while!


flourgirl said...

Glad you managed to sort out the nesties cos they are really gorgeous. Your card for your grandson is fab! I love the little ribbon slider xx

Rainmac said...

I love that card and am oh so jealous of those gorgeous dies x

Thriftyscotslass said...

Love Jack's card. I am trying very hard not to buy those dies but they are superb aren't they.. Hugs, Annexxx

Gemma said...

fab card Susan, the image is great, perfect for a kids card :) xx

leia said...

Yay glad you finally figured out your new dies! I've still gotta have a proper play with mine x

leia said...

Happy Birthday! x