Saturday, January 16, 2010

First attempt at Ikki's partial embossing technique

Today I've had another attempt at Ikki's partial embossing technique using the Cuttlebug Stylized Flower folder. I don't have any other folders suitable for this technique so I followed her tutorial and finished my card with a couple of Nesties circles. Hopefully she wont mind me showing my version on here.

I made two MFPs (modifying folder pads) following Ikki's instructions. Now I've used this smaller one a few times I think the layers of card have got a bit squashed so the embossing is not quite as deep as it should be so doesn't show up all that well on the photo. I'll add another layer of card tomorrow to see if it gives deeper embossing without breaking the Cuttlebug! I think I made a mistake in using some card from a box, thinking it was thin enough but not realising that it had a layer of corrugated stuff in the middle which has probably got squashed a bit in the embossing process. Lesson learned for any future MFPs!

I've used an A6 smooth card here rather than a textured card. While I was playing with different textures of card I think this one gave the best impression, no wonder my MFP is a bit squashed with all the playing I did! This card uses the embossing folder with the smaller of the two MFPs, turning the folder 90 degrees for the top impression. As it didn't seem possible to get the impression to emboss right on the bottom edge of the card I've finished it off with two score lines.

While trimming the layers of card I managed to slice into my finger with my craft knife, and of course I'd put a new blade in today hadn't I?!!!! So rather than get blood all over everything I decided to leave it for today. Tomorrow I shall try using the larger of the MFPs. This is the second attempt at photographing this card, the original one taken in electric light with flash wasn't particularly good so this one was taken in daylight and shows the embossing much better.


Gemma said...

this is gorgeous, it looks so crisp and pretty with just a hint of the embossing :) xx

flourgirl said...

That looks fabulous, would be beautiful for a wedding card. Well done for trying something new, Just hope the finger is ok xx

Thriftyscotslass said...

Absolutely lovely Susan, it's really effective. Take care of that finger now. Hugs, Annexxx

Ikki said...

Hi Susan, No I don't mind at all! The reason for the Cupboard is to increase awareness of the Bug, so thank you for the link and for joining the followers.

I'm so pleased you succeeded with the MFP. You are right about the corrigated card, (I will add a note on the post) I use card from the back of card pads. Your query about the NS dies - NO I left them be and and had no probs with the cutting. ikki