Monday, April 26, 2010

My crafty bargain!

We went to Wrexham yesterday to stock up with food and see if we could find some bedside rugs for the loft bedroom (no luck there!), and as we were walking down the high street I noticed a new shop had opened. It's called Jotters and is basically a stationery type shop but I noticed a few craft items in the window so just had to go and check it out - as you do!

For a small shop there was a fair sized craft section, a few bargain rubber stamps, some 12 x 12 papers sold singly, some K & Co stuff, stickers, peel offs, etc. There was also a revolving stand with a sign "Build your own card" and everything on it was just 99p. Here's what I brought home:

From the 99p stand I got four packs of daisy type flowers on stems (12 in each), two packs of roses (heads only, 28 in each), three packs of ribbon - each pack has 5 x 1 metre of different ribbons in similar colours. These ribbons are almost the same as the Papermania ones in the Capsule Collection. There are also two packs of buttons - one pink/lilac and one red/pink. Each pack had four small boxes, one heart shapes, one flower shapes and two round shapes. I also bought a divided box for £1.99 as my Card Candy collection is growing and it's perfect for separating the colours.

We didn't get everything we wanted but it was nice to go home with some craft stash I wasn't even contemplating buying!


PepPop said...

Wow those flowers are gorgeous. What a great find. Jaqui x

Rainmac said...

That must have been lovely to be wandering down the road and stumbling across a shop selling craft bits and bobs, love the stash you bought, gorgeous flowers x

NuttieNettie said...

Why oh why can't I discover such lovely stash?? enjoy!

hassy said...

Oooh! Well done... :D Christine x